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What Diamonds N’ Denim Stands For

Diamonds N’ Denim- because it’s okay to work hard, and it’s okay to dress up and appreciate what that hard work has done for you. Despite what the fashionistas may tell you, diamonds and blue jeans definitely go together, just like hard work and success.

The Mission

Growing up, I was very fortunate to be raised in a rural town in southern Indiana. We were surrounded by beautiful farm ground, opportunities, and good people. My heart started to ache the older I got though, because I started watching these people closer. They were struggling. Women were working well past their retirement ages, and men were working seventy hours (or more) a week just to barely make ends meet.

This really didn’t make sense to me either. These were (and are) hardworking, and intelligent middle class people. The cost of living is relatively low in Indiana, and our particular town has plenty of well paying jobs to offer.

Upon closer examination, I began to notice even more. These are the key reasons why many small towns in America are financially illiterate:

  1. People who stumble upon the formula for financial success, don’t like to share it (at least, not without some benefit for themselves).
  2. Many of those same people also have a tendency to leave their hometowns once they make this financial breakthrough.
  3. Financially illiterate people are prime targets for those who want to make a quick buck. A lot (but certainly not all) of successful individuals and businesses pander to these people. Car dealerships, Rent-To-Owns, Financial ‘Experts’ and even music artists are guilty of this. They appeal to the people, put off the image that they’re on their side, take the money, and run with it.

I’m not anti-big business, but I am sick of watching good people be duped, because no one taught them any other way.

All people have the potential to be abundantly and wildly financially successful- they just need a few key pieces of information. My goal is to find that information, and share it with everyone who cares to listen.

Where to Begin

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